Thursday, November 3, 2016

Titia Makulor - Long Island Home Inspector

It is exciting to welcome you to this blog and share some interesting experiences with you. I believe that most of the intrigues and joys that fill the world of home inspection should not be limited to players in the industry. This has led me to create this space to help you get a better view of my life, my journey and my career. Before we go into the subject, I will do a brief introduction of who I am. My name is Titia Makulor and I am a Long Island Home Inspector. I have broad experience in the Home inspection industry but I did not feel it held much relevance to those outside my industry until recently. I met a young boy who asked me so many questions about my job and it spurred me to create a blog that will share real facts in real time. 

I began my journey with Long Island inspection which is owned by a great man named – Terrence Kursawe. Most of the things that gave me a sure footing began at this organization. I learnt how to handle clients and work within timelines, how to ensure that I deliver my Home Inspection report the same day and so much more. I would not have bothered if I had spent my entire working career at the Long Island inspection Company because it gave me an ideal start on this job. However, as the years progressed, there was a need to spread my tentacles and showcase the skills I have mastered in the course of my Career.

This led me to Precision Home Inspection of America. This company gave me the first shot at leadership. I was put in charge of all the Home Inspection jobs that fell under Suffolk County. It was quite challenging but it proved to be a very important learning curve. I learnt to manage human beings, chart the vision for my team and increase my capacity as a Home inspector. I spent about 2 years in this Company before I moved to APros Home Inspections. The experience at this new firm is something that I will not forget in a long time. I was made to head the Company and it was a huge surprise to me. 

I did not know that I had the capacity to manage an organization until this window opened to me. I gave it my best shot and I am proud of my accomplishments. The quest to reach for more became increasingly strong in my heart and I finally settled at Always Guarding You Home Inspections Company. This organization made everything that I had achieved in the past seem like a child’s play. I was introduced to the use of contemporary equipment like Thermal Imaging to do Home inspections. I am so much in love with this company because they have given me the opportunity to handle various kinds of projects.

I have done different types of Commercial home inspections, residential home inspections, Heat/Ventilation and Air-conditioning inspections, and so much more. The most demanding aspect of the home inspections is when I have to work beyond the scope of my assignment to ensure I meet the client’s timeline. There are homes that I have worked with my team to inspect their swimming pool, mini zoo, gardens and such like. Each job presents a new set of challenge but I am glad that I look for ways to deliver the goods. Every opportunity to serve or work with clients gives me true fulfillment and Always Guarding You Home Inspections Company has truly been supportive in every way.

The beauty of each home inspection is when I receive a satisfactory review from my clients. It makes me know that my job goes beyond the scope of the assignment given to me; I am touching lives in my own way. In view of the current push of Always Guarding You Home Inspections to expand its service on a national scale, I am excited at what the future holds. The principle of openness, adaptability and willingness to learn has made me enjoy my stay in this business. In a few years, I will be able to prove that the Home Inspection industry can help anyone be a source of hope, comfort and blessing to their world.